Professional and high-tech services 
Strong guarantee for high-quality Clinical Trial data

A professional and stable talent team, international standard standardized processes, and a comprehensive quality assurance system have accumulated rich practical experience and successful cases in statistical design and analysis. The cooperation projects involve specialties such as cancer, anti infection, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, neuropsychiatric, digestive, infectious, endocrine, etc., including I-IV clinical projects such as chemical drugs, biological products, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. We can provide professional, high-quality, and efficient statistical services that meet international standards for domestic and foreign customers.
CDISC member ,can achieve the full set of CDISC standards and meet the dual reporting requirements.

Statistical Analysis

  • Statistical design and consulting
  • Sample size estimation
  • Statistical Analysis Plan(SAP)
  • Statistical Tables, Figures, and Lists (TFLs) templates
  • Data (Blinding) Review
  • Statistical Analysis Report(SAR)
  • DMC Analysis
  • Interim Analysis
  • ISS/ISE Analysis
  • Statistical support for the Clinical Study Report
  • Statistical support for IND
  • Statistical support for NDA

Statistical Programming

  • Analysis dataset generation and validation
  • Generation and validation of statistical tables, graphs, and lists (TFLs)
  • CDISCImplementation
  • Random code generation and verification
  • Generation and verification of Drug Sampling codes
  • ISS Statistical Programming
  • ISE Statistical Programming
  • DMC/Interim Analysis Programming