DaS Imaging

DaS Imaging is a specialized system applied to the management of clinical trial imaging documents. Simplify image data management through configurable and flexible workflow, provide data desensitization function, and ensure data privacy and security; Specific process tasks can greatly improve work flow efficiency and timely and effectively transmit data to corresponding users.


-     Data view that conforms to clinical trial habits, organizational form

-     Visual visit task inspection to meet the requirements of the protocol

-     Workflow and closer collaboration among multiple parties

-     Customized workflow and task management personalized requirements

-     Document management module, online viewing

-     Query management,accurately

-     Data masking processing to ensure patient privacy

-     Online viewing of images and online results reporting

-     Tasks remind users in real-time through multiple methods such as email and SMS

Subject Mgt

Visit Mgt

Imaging Study​


Data Masking​

Online Document​

Online Review

Review Report​

Report and Export​

Task Mgt

User permissions


Integrated online dicom viewer, more convenient process