Randomized and supply management system specially designed for clinical study; The system is built through interface operation, which is fast and efficient to meet various clinical Design; Users can access the system through mobile devices and computers to subjects random and distribute drugs; Provide a stable and highly available system experience; It can seamlessly interface with DaS EDC and integrate into an intelligent data platform.

​High expansion module about unblinding Mgt 

Simple interface and high configurability

Flexible and precise drug supply plan

Accurate expiration date management and multiple reminders

Direct To Patient

With the launch of a new patient-centered research and development model, DaS IWRS fully supports direct drug delivery to patients, providing comprehensive and flexible solutions
Both before and during the study, the direct patient function can be dynamically activated; And can customize the dispensing cycle for direct delivery to patients

​Full process logistics management

-   Support docking with domestic logistics systems,Data sharing
-   Customized creation of logistics company categories
-   Specify the source of logistics warehouse

​Drug expiration alert, Auto frozen quarantine