Das Trial Clinical Trial  Platform

Clinical trial full-process solution​

|    Unified electronic clinical trial running platform, your exclusive workstation

|    Standardized, forward-looking, flexible design makes it easier to digitize clinical trials

|    Seamless integration of subsystems to provide more powerful and comprehensive support for clinical trials

|    We are committed to helping sponsors, CROs, subjects, etc., bringing simpler clinical trials and accelerating drug launches

DaS Trial Products

DaS Trial(Management platform)

DaS IWRS(Subject randomization, drug management)

DaS EDC(Clinical trial data collection and management)

DaS PVS(Safety data management)

DaS Coding(Medical coding)

DaS ePRO(Patient Reported Outcomes)

DaS Imaging(Medical image)

Translation Workbench(Translation workbench)

System API(System standardization interface)

DaS RSM(Remote SDV)

DaS eTMF(Document management system)

DaS eConsent(eConsent, Coming soon)

-     Functional integration: Unit functions such as data collection, subject randomization, drug allocation, drug management, drug safety management, imaging management, patient outcome reporting, visual presentation of data graphs, centralized monitoring, auditing, statistical monitoring, DMC, and eLearning have been integrated into one functional platform.

-     Collaboration: Based on this platform, personnel from multiple disciplines, majors, and roles work independently and collaborate with each other to share common information, avoiding duplicate data collection and multi-party management.

Platform features and advantages

Platform Level Management

Connect common data, real-time sharing of different systems; Unified management of studies, sites, users, and rights

Convenient and fast operation

The application system is modular, quick and easy to switch each subsystem, and menu operation makes you more efficient

Flexible System Architecture

More forward-looking and flexible system design to expand clinical trial solutions with EDC as a source of data acquisition

Professional and Efficient service support

Relying on professional team and more reliable technical support, we provide you with integrated clinical trial services

Integrated platform makes big difference…

-   Real unified management, focusing on clinical trial solutions

-   Never worry about not remembering different system URLs and account passwords anymore

-   Quickly switch application systems, allowing you to switch between different systems on the same project or on the same system, bringing you unprecedented efficiency improvements

-   Unification of shared data, not only for data sharing, but also for simpler data maintenance and standardization

-   Unified management of users, roles, and permissions means higher data security and personnel mobility management