Mission: To provide professional, standardized, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable high-tech products and services

Empowering the development of new drugs and pursuing excellence


Company Profile

Both are all national level high-tech enterprises and providers of integrated solutions for large-scale data and biological computing products and services. We are located in the three major national science centers (Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei) and headquartered in the core area of Zhangjiang Science City in Shanghai. We have established a "platform and service integration" work model to serve the research and development of new drug products in China.

Integrated platform

We have a strong research and development team for clinical trial methodology tool products, involving many professions such as medicine, pharmacy, mathematics and statistics, computer and software science, etc. The developed quantitative pharmacology integrated computing platform (MaS Studio) and electronic clinical trial integrated platform (DaS Trial) can achieve data collection, drug management, biological computing, modeling and simulation, random and blind method implementation, electronic diary card Integrated functions such as image acquisition, drug vigilance, and standardized document submission.

All Process services

We have professional service team for clinical trials, based on the above integrated platforms. The services provided include: R&D strategy development, translational medical analysis, scheme design, data management, pharmacovigilance, biostatistics, modeling and simulation, control combination, report generation and standardized submission, etc., which has formed electronic clinical trial integration and full process solution.

Organizational Structure 



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